DIRECTV Subscribers: We know you’re frustrated.

Since early February you have been unable to watch KTVA/CBS, CBS Southeast and NBC Southeast programming on DIRECTV. We want you to be able to watch the programming you are paying for and we want a fair deal too!

Local station programming, including local news, weather and emergency alerts is among the highest value programming DIRECTV offers.

Despite offering DIRECTV reasonable solutions, they continue to be unresponsive; they think Alaska doesn’t matter.

Contact DIRECTV and tell them Alaska matters!

Call 800-531-5000. Ask for a rebate. Demand they put your station back on.

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A message to our viewers

We regret that since February 3rd DIRECTV customers have been unable to watch CBS programming in the Anchorage area and CBS and NBC programming in Southeast Alaska. We understand this has been an inconvenience, and it’s why we have been working very hard to find a compromise. Be assured that we have been negotiating in good faith with DIRECTV since October. In an effort to reach an agreement, our team has given DIRECTV extension after extension after extension. These extensions allowed DIRECTV viewers to see the entire NFL playoff season without interruption, even though our contract with DIRECTV had expired.

Unfortunately, those efforts have not resulted in a solution. DIRECTV has not communicated with us for several days. Our last communication proposed a reasonable compromise, similar to compromises reached in currently existing agreements with other satellite and cable television providers. DIRECTV’s latest offer doesn’t come close to a fair payment for the value of our stations. If we were to agree to accept DIRECTV’s latest offer, we would, in effect, be subsidizing their business. That just doesn’t make sense. The costs to our stations to provide great local news and popular network programs is significant and continues to increase each year. Since 2014 the fees we pay for network and other programming have increased exponentially. We invest millions of dollars each year to provide our communities with the finest local news coverage to keep your families informed.

We are taking this situation very seriously and will continue to look for a compromise and to negotiate in good faith. We have offered sensible solutions for moving the negotiations forward.

What can you do? Call DIRECTV. Urge them to negotiate in good faith. Ask them for a rebate. You shouldn’t have to pay full-price for partial service.

We remain committed to reaching a fair agreement to return CBS and NBC programming to DIRECTV subscribers as soon as possible. We know this is an inconvenience, and we are doing everything we can to come to a solution.

What you can do

Call DIRECTV at 1-800-531-5000

Call DIRECTV and let them know your local stations are important.

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